Blink green, blue, red
and an infinite number of colors

adjust Brightness

adjustable dimmer for screen light brightness with colors for parties

Strobe mode

strobe light with several frequency modes and powerful flash.

Battery indicator

helps you turn off the torch just in time to save the phone battery

Sos alert

sos flashlight frequency to be prepared for emergency situations

Military style

The ultimate military flashlight style
for all military lovers


App is great, this app definitely deserves a 5-star rating it’s amazing you get to pick the color of your flashlight and it’s LED and it runs smooth

Kendra Sipos

This is easy to use and the strobe speed function is excellent . I recommend this app to all my friends. Ot is useful when crosswalk is poorly lit

Grace T.

Exactly what I was looking for. A really good light without any frills or deals in the way!

Thanks bunches Mr Developer for the app.

Rusty Jackson